"Mommy, that tickles!", the rain exclaimed as Mama Cloud let them go. Brother Lightning didn't like how nice his mom was to his little sisters. "It's my turn to have some fun!", he boomed as he struck the grass. "I thought you were in time out for electrocuting your sisters", Grandmother Sun crooned. "Now isn't the time to get in a fight with Grammy", Mama Cloud responded.

In flew Papa Woodpecker from work at the bank. "Honey, I didn't even start dinner! Why are you here so early?", Mamas Cloud questioned. "Well, my boss, Robin told me Squirrel robbed the bank! She told me to fly home and tell you", Papa Woodpecker reported. "That is terrible!", Grandmother Sun replied. A little while later, the Sky family had dinner while they talked about their day. "I misbehaved", Brother Lightning confessed. "He electrocuted me!", Sister rain complained. "Rain! Rain! Are you okay?", Papa Woodpecker asked as he felt each of his daughters' foreheads for their temperature.

Suddenly, Squirrel broke in!!! "Give me all of your money!", he insisted. "No! Get out, you evil rodent!", Papa Woodpecker demanded as he started pecking Squirrel as hard as he could."Go, Papa!!!", cheered Sister Rain."Come on, peck his eye out!", instructed Brother Lightning. Meanwhile, Squirrel had the best of the fight by gnawing on Papa Woodpecker's feet, that, according to Squirrel, tasted like rubber. Papa was jumping like crazy in pain as he pecked Squirrel's back, but when the vicious robber got up to get the taste of rubber out of his mouth, Papa Woodpecker did as his son instructed. He pecked Squirrel's eyeball out. So there lay a dead squirrel on the Sky family's kitchen floor. As happy as Papa Woodpecker was, he didn't get congratulated much, because Mama Cloud and Grandma Sun had left when Squirrel first walked in. "Are you alright? Oh my goodness! You defeated Squirrel! How did you do that?", the women asked in astonishment as they saw the dead squirrel o the floor. "Oh, just one of my amazing magic tricks", Papa Woodpecker bragged.

As Mama Cloud tucked Sister Rain into bed, (remember, Sister Rain is only 2) she had a scared look on her face. "Are you alright?", Mama Cloud asked her daughter. "I'm scared. I think I'm going to have a nightmare.", Sister Rain replied in a frightened voice.