My characters name is Matt Adams he lives with his two brothers and he is on the Rockcats an he lives in Bolton Connecticut with his mother and father he has three dogs and two snakes. He has friends names are Roy, and George. He is six foot ten and he s sixteen. He has a penthouse. He travels with his friends a lot because there on the same baseball team. He has one baby its name is Bob. He loves bagels so much I can't even explain it. He has a huge Mohawk he is bald on the sides.He plays on his trampoline every morning. He has a swimming pool an a hot tub. His older brother job is physical therapist, his other older brother's job is a cleat store so he can get a discount. He has some freckles. He lives near a lot of his friends. Roy lives on a farm and Matt loves going over and petting the chickens. He is allergic to tree nuts and poison ivy. Matt has dirty blond hair. his cleats for baseball colors are blue and white. He has practice every other day. He got injured a couple month ago. So he could not play for a whole seven months! Isn't that crazy? George has a condo right next to Roy. so thy meet at Roy house a lot.Matt normally weirs shorts in the summer time and fall time. Roy has a younger sister named Riley and she is twelve. Matt is afraid of deer because on time he got
attacked by one and he was only three years old. He is bad at cooking stuff and bad at reading.Soon he can start playing baseball because of hi injury.He has tones of habits. he likes biting his nails on the bases. His mom had a major injury.! She tour her ACL. That hurts really bad. He is really disrespectful because at church
he talks in the middle of nowhere. He is very clumsy to because sometimes he trips and falls down the stairs. He is very kind because when it is time to go to his grandmothers house he does not complain.