Rocks and Minerals

The Rock Key Use this to uncover the mystery of your rock!
Connecticut Rocks Maps and Activities
Rocks and Minerals for Kids
How Rocks are Formed - Sedimentary, Igneous, Metamorphic
Rocks for Kids
What Type of Rock do I Have?
The Rock Family Reunion- Introduction to Three Types of Rocks
Name that Rock!
The Rock Cycle Interactive
Rock Cycle Video
Weather and Erosion Video
Sedimentary Rock Erosion Video
What are crystals?
Gemstones, World of Wonder
Natural Gemstones
Gallery of Minerals
Rock Jokes
Rock Sayings
Stone Sayings
Earth: Our World in Motion American Museum of Natural History Science Museum for Kids
Bill Nye: The Earth's Crust
Brain Pop The Earth's Structure
DK Interactive Earth's Layers
Brain Pop
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Rocks and Minerals Brain Pop Movie and Quiz
The Rock Cycle Brain Pop Movie
Types of Rocks Brain Pop Movie
Crystals Brain Pop Movie
DK Interactives


Weathering and Erosion

BrainPop- Erosion
Erosion Video
Bill Nye Erosion
Study Jams Weathering and Erosion
Erosion SMARTboard G3_L08_Erosion_final.notebook
Weathering SMARTboard G5_L05_Weathering_final.notebook

Discovery Education Videos
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Travel Through Time

Water Cycle

Water Cycle Video Quiz WaterCycleVideoQuiz.doc
Water Cycle Video and Assignment
Water Cycle Quiz
DK Interactives

Study Jams: Water Cycle
BrainPop: Water Cycle
Drippy the Raindrop



Food Chain Game
Brain Pop Food Chain Movie
Brain Pop Jr. Food Chain Movie
Food Chain Slideshow
Ocean Games

Electricity and Magnetism

The Blob's Guide to Electricity
DK Interactives
Bill Nye Static Electricity
BrainPop Static Electricity
Circuit World
Learning Circuits
Electricity Quiz
Electricity Vocabulary for Foldablevocabulary.doc

Forces and Motion

Bill Nye Simple Machines
Museum of Science and Industry
Coral Castle
Break it Down
Grain Strain
Make an Oscillating Woodpecker
BBC Friction Race
BBC Friction Science Clip
What is Friction?
Friction Quiz
Friction in Everyday Life
Air Glider
Study Jams Gravity
Newton's 3 Laws

Nature Day

Observations Log halfpage .doc
Bird Identification half sheet-1.doc
Bird Idendifiacation-1.ppt

Science Fair

Meet Me at the Science Fair
Science Fair Experiments
More Experiments
Find Experiments at the Ology Site